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Teddie Peanut Butter
A New England Tradition

Specialists in Quality Nuts and
Peanut Butter since 1925

The Leavitt Corporation is located just outside Boston, Massachusetts and was started in 1925 by Michael Hintlian. We have a modern manufacturing facility with well trained and supervised production workers. 

We are one of the ten largest processors of nuts and peanut butter in the United States with automated processing in several production lines for roasted nuts and peanut butter.

Teddie Peanut Butter Available OnLine
teddiepeanutbutter.com is a one page stop over on your way to The Leavitt Corporation, makers of Teddie Peanut Butter.  We have a proud history of quality nuts and peanut butter products that dates back to 1925. A 'wicked cool' New England institution whose products are enjoyed, and dare we say, celebrated throughout the world.

Follow the links to find information about our terrific line of Teddie Peanut Butter, as well as Americana and River Queen nuts, all of which are made in our state of the art factory located right outside of Boston, in Everett, Massachusetts.

The Leavitt Corporation continues as a family owned and operated business with second and third generation family members directly involved in the day-to-day operations .... now that's an All American success story!!
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Teddie Peanut Butter NOW available online
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